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The articles about the woman who lost her husband were really sad. I can't begin to imagine how she feels because I have never lost a loved one. I think that losing your husband while so young would be one of the worst things to go through. You are going through grieving while raising a new baby, such a happy time turns into a sad one. Your husband misses the baby's first words, first steps, everything. This situation reminds me of a movie, called Brothers. Its about a woman whose husband dies in the war, leaving her and their two daughters behind. She gets really close to his brother, and then it turns out he didn't die and comes back home with post traumatic stress disorder. In the beginning of the movie when she thinks he died, it shows how hard it was for her to grieve. Then she starts to move on, when she finds out that he is alive, but he's not the same. I hope that I will never have to go through something like that.
The article about the science of a broken heart was interesting. It makes sense that your heart can actually break, but it can also be other stressful or exciting events that cause it. I would like to see when they find out more about what causes it, because it seems like they don't know much as of now. It is a hard thing to study, because it is such a sudden event, and not very common. It seems like I've heard of a lot of other things that are detremental to health after a spouse dies. Grief is not good for health. That is why it is important to go through the grieving process, but then move on.

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