"I always thought we would go together"

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These articles made me so sad. I couldn't imagine going through an experience like that. The worst part was that she had to finish pregnancy and then have her baby without her husband. In one of my other classes, we had a speaker come in and talk about grief and disasters. With disasters, it's so hard for families to find that complete closure because many times they don't see the body. The speaker told us that in situations like this, they usually have families bury a shoe or something that was that person's favorite thing. Just by burying something, it helps the families to realize that they are gone rather than sit around and wait for them to walk back through that door.

In the last article, I thought that the broken heart syndrome was so interesting. I never would have guessed that there was an actual disease called that, but I'm not surprised. My grandpa died about a month ago, and I can remember my grandma saying, "I don't know what I will do without him. I always thought we would go together." That has to be so hard on her. She's doing pretty well as far as health goes, but it seems like after one spouse dies, it's not long before the other one does too when they're so old. Everyone grieves in a different way. For me, I'd rather have someone just give me a hug then actually say something. It makes me feel worse when someone says something like, "It will be okay. He loved you, and he lived a good life. Just remember all the happy times." But maybe for some people, that's what they want, which makes it hard to ever know what to say or how to react. For my mom and my grandma, they just kept on moving and tried not to really think about it. Neither one of them got much sleep, but in time, they got a little bit of time to recover. For my mom, it's been tough. For the past month, all that she's been doing is driving back and forth between Illinois (where my grandma lives) and Minnesota. This has taken so much out of her. She hasn't really gotten that time to just sit around and relax because as soon as she gets home, she's back at work. This is definitely not good for her health. You can tell that she's struggling and that she needs to take some time for herself and not worry about everything else in her daily life.

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