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One of the topics from this semester that sticks out to me is the topic on support. It was really intersting to read about the different types of support and when kind is better then the other. I didn't realize that doing things that the other person may not notice is sometimes better. I really enjoyed the show that we watched that went along with this topic. I thought it was the perfect thing to show to help further prove when someone needs certain types of support. Another topic that I really liked was social networks. It's weird to think about how someone we don't know can play such a big role in our lives. After learning more about it it makes a lot more sense on how it does though. If someone decides to start working out and eating healthier it may motivate the friend to do the same thing continuing in a chain effect.
A topic that I wish we learned more in depth about was addictions. I think it would be interesting to learn about the hardships that people go through with trying to deal with their addiction and reasons they may have become addicted to whatever they are. Many times we only see the after affects of people with addictions but we don't get the opportunity to see what caused them to get to where they are. Also I would be interested to learn about how it affects their relationships with family and friends.

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