Support: What and When

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Initially I was quite surprised by these articles, yet as I read on they seemed to make sense. I was surprised by the notion that not all support can be beneficial at all times as well as that there was more than one type of support. Yet this makes sense to me as I dwell on it. We may not always see how "invisible support" has helped us out, yet when one considers the invisible support they have received they can clearly see how much easier it made their life at that given moment. One way to see it is through the eyes of a story I heard about a dog. The owner praised the dog for bringing in the newspaper so he went and collected every newspaper he could find along the block to gain praise. In other words we all try to give visible support. It is something we can see and feel and we feel just as good giving it because we know we helped the other person. But sometimes we don't have to solve big problems for other people to know they feel better or to show we care. Sometimes its the little things that we do that help out best. Just like the husband and wife in the first article, the minor things were what made his wife's life a lot easier. Although his acts weren't like the dog's so that you could see the others happiness when he did them. They were more like the presence of the dog in the house, providing company and comfort. Invisible, but just as important.

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It kind of seems like women appreciate invisible support more and give it more, where as men like to be the dog receiving praise!

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