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Please read this article for our first day of class. It is a chapter from a great book by a well-known social psychologist named Jonathan Haidt. It describes one of the primary relationship theories in psychology, Attachment Theory.

J. Haidt Attachment Chapter.pdf


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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the blog for our class! This is where we will share our responses to the articles we read, any questions we have or interesting things we come across out in the world that are relevant to our ongoing discussion. You'll also be able to find the articles for class on this blog (let us know if you have any trouble downloading them!) Remember that this is a place where we need to respect each other's ideas and feel free to be open with each other. And don't forget to comment!

To create your own blog post:

1) go to and login with your UMN x500 and password (login in upper right corner).

2) Click on the downward arrow next to "System Overview" to find the blog for this class. For most of you, it will be the only blog you have in your system (this system allows you to be part of multiple blogs here at the U).

3) Once in the system for OUR blog, click the downward arrow next to the word "create" and select "entry"

4) Write your entry! Don't forget that you can add in links, photos, videos, and files that you want to share. And don't forget to tag your entry with the topic that it's most relevant to.

5) Click the blue "Save" button.

Feel free to email Maryhope ( if you encounter any problems or have any questions.

Happy blogging!

Course Syllabus here:
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