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This topic always hits a nerve for me because my family struggled so much taking care of my grandmother. I can see the direct physical and emotional strain it provides on the caretaker and even those in vicinity to the caregiver. In my case, my mom was taking care of my grandmother and the relationships my mom had gravely suffered for many years. This unfortunate situation still effects her relationships today. Whether to care for someone who has a serious illness, or give them to a care facility must me a difficult choice for anyone to make. I did not always see it this way, but I think my mom made the right decision even though there were so many negative effects for my family. If I were put in the same situation, I would make the same decision as she did, despite the negative consequences. She was able to help someone in dire need of her help, and I believe that is what family is about, regardless if its family by marriage. While the article touched on spouses who are caregivers in a later time in life than my mom was, I still think it is relatable. However, my mom is not suffering from any health problems today. This could be due to the age she was when she was taking care of my grandmother. Also, the physical toll may play a different role on a spouse and a mother-in-law.

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