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I think sex is a beautiful thing that is way too stigmatized. People refer to it as "doing the nasty" when I feel the only way that concentual intercourse should be referenced is "making love." There are so many benefits to having sex, which were outlined in today's readings. Benefits include longevity, stress relief, and overall improvement in health. One big reason that couples who have regular sex are healthier and live longer is that they feel like they have someone to live for. If one member of the couple is ill, the other is likely to encourage him to go to the doctor so that they can get back to the pleasureful activity of intercourse.

I think it is really interesting that masturbation and pretty much any other sexual activity other than PVI does not give nearly the same results for stress relief ability. I would attribute this to the fact that PVI is the most primitive way, and the only with an evolutionary benefit. Because we are driven to reproduce, PVI is stress relieving and makes us feel the best so that we continue the race.

I think this research should be known to the world. Everyone feels stress, and few know how to alleviate it. If people knew that having sex would make them feel better, they may engage in it more often and not put it off until that particular project is complete and they have more time. Quickie sex still gives the results needed, so people should have lots of sex in order to maintain happiness and health.

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