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One interesting thing that the study discussed was the more sex men had the lower the morality. The study also says however for women enjoyment of sex was an indicator for death. The more enjoyment out of sex the longer females lived. The enjoyment makes since because if you are not satisfied you could be stressed and as we previously read stress increases mortality. The finding about men makes since because during sex there is an increase in hear rate which will strengthen the heart. Additionally exercise (or sex) decreases blood pressure which creates health benefits. The study separated the men by how frequent they were having sex. They found that men who reported orgasm were younger taller and had less evidence of heart problems. This is logical based off the sex is essentially exercise which means it strengthens the heart. The article additionally says that the men who had orgasms had lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure all can be reduced with exercise also.
The second study focused on the stress response and blood pressure. One interesting thing they did was separated the different kinds of sexual stimulation one was penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) and other types of sexual stimulation like masturbation and masturbation with your partner. They found that people who had (PVI) had lower blood pressures and lower stress response than the people who stimulated in other ways. The authors give the explanation for this phenomenon by talking about how PIV and masturbation are stimulating different parts of the body creating different responses which could be why the major benefits are with the PVI group. I would also argue in this paper that sex is exercise or sexercise. Blood pressure decreases with exercise along with stress. I am basing the idea that exercise reduces stress based off of KIN 3001. Another aspect is during sex requires more body movement than arm or finger movement which would increase how much movement is being produced. The more movement of the whole body means more calories burned and a better cardio work out.

Sex & Life

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Going through these articles on Sex intercourse (among other styles of play) and how they affect our lives it is clear what it being said. I get the fact that sex helps reduce stress by releasing oxytocin which helps us to bond with our partner and makes us feel happy and relaxed. Throughout this class we have pursued the consequences of when we are unable to release our tension and are unable to truly relax. So, YES, sex is very healthy for us overall as long as we are being responsible and not acting on risky behavior, like have multiple partners that raise the chances of us getting sexual transmitted diseases. The best way to combat this issue is to be in a committed relationship with one partner and to be open with each other because the logistics of life is that most of us have had more than one partner in life.
These articles revealed that not only is sex good for our health overall, by reducing stress levels and releasing oxytocin and other chemicals into our brains that make us feel good but that the sex life in a marriage has a strong correlation to whether the marriage itself is healthy. I truly believe this to be true, because if you are not happy with your partner, at least in my case, you have no real desire to share yourself with your partner. Sexual intercourse or anything sexual for that matter is a very intimate situation which you allow yourself to be vulnerable to your partner, at least for that time period. If your partner and you are already feeling close and happy it is only natural to take it a step further in order to share yourself with them and make that connection even tighter.
The questions that I have about these ideas are about what about when you do not have happy thoughts or feelings about your partner and you do not feel like having sex with them... Should you do it anyway because you have knowledge about how the chemicals, that are emitted during intercourse, promote positive communication, but what if that doesn't work? There is no question in my mind that sexual intercourse is a benefit of a healthy relationship but I do question whether it is able to turn a unhappy couple into a healthy situation, because in my past when the relationship is already in distress sex seems to make the fights worse and life more stressful.


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The fact that the lack of sex can cause mortality and increase stress does not surprise me in the least. The objective of the first article we were to read was to examine the relation between frequency of orgasms and mortality. Mortality risk showed to be 50% lower in individuals with higher orgasmic frequency. This shows that huge difference it makes. I would have guesses that there were positive benefits, but no where near a 50% lower mortality rate. Their conclusion was that having an active sex life was a positive effect on men's health. This made me wonder about women's health and what the statistics were for women. The second article examined the amount one experiences after having sex the night before, sex and masturbation, masturbation alone, and no sexual interaction. The results demonstrated that sex alone lowered stress levels the most. The point was interesting and made me think of many possible explanations and posed several questions as to why this were true. I Initially thought that sex and masturbation would lower stress the most, since it was the most sexual activity. It is likely that sex provides much more than a physical release for partners in committed relationships. It allows for couples to open up and share their feelings more. As I was sent to Catholic school for 12 years (though my family doesn't follow it), we were taught that masturbation is a sin. This made me wonder if since those who follow Christianity believe this to be true, if they have added stress since they believe what they just did was wrong. In the case of this article, looking into religious beliefs would only be relevant to those married, since premarital sex is a sin as well. I don't mean to get all Religious on everyone, but since I went to these schools for so long, it is something that has always been ingrained into my head. Luckily, I had parents who taught me otherwise!


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Sex and death: are they related? Findings from the Caerphilly chohort study

The short answer is, yes, sex and health are related. This study examined the frequency of male orgasm and its relationship to mortality. Men between the ages of 45-59 were questioned about the frequency of their orgasms, their plasma testosterone and oestradiol were measured, and then all death certificates following the study (for up to ten years) were reported. Although the relationship between frequency of orgasm and mortality was also affected by age, social class, and health status, frequency of orgasm was still strongly correlated. Mortality risk for those who orgasm more often was less than 50% than of the men who experienced orgasm less frequently.

Blood pressure reactivity to stress is better for people who recently had penile-vaginal intercourse than for people who had other or no sexual activity

This study questioned whether penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) has more benefits in relationship to blood pressure and its reactivity to stress than other sexual activity. For example, does PVI alone have greater benefits than masturbation, or oral sex combined? The answer is yes. They found that, after surveying participants about their sex lives, those who participated in no sexual activity experienced the highest levels of stress while under the Trier Social Stress Test and also maintained those high stress levels for longer after the test was done. People who participated in other non-PVI sexual activity experienced less stress than people who did not engage in any sexual activity but their stress levels were still higher than people who had engaged in PVI alone. It was interesting that people who had PVI and other sexual activity had lower stress levels than PVI alone. This may be because masturbation or other activity might "detract from the benefits of intercourse".

Let's see... What do I feel comfortable adding from my own experiences to this blog? Well, I guess I'll just say that I'm pleased to know that aside from sex being pleasurable that it is awesome to know that it has valid health benefits as well.


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How would you describe between sex and your life, people would simply connect these two thing only because of their desire. But did you ever think about sex could bring about your death?

Here is a finding by George Davey Smith, Stephen Frankel and John Yarnell which talked about 'Sex and Death: Are They Related? Findings from the Caerphilly chohort study'. This is a ten years follow up study which subjected to 918 men aged 45-59, it experiment the relation between frequency of orgasm and people's mortality. With the research outcome, for those who had high orgasm frequency, they resulted a 50% lower mortality risk than those with low orgasm frequency. The finding stated that the measure mainly focuses on all deaths and from heart disease, somehow death from other causes revealed some similar statistics with the orgasm frequency. In this case, sexual activity seems to have an effect on men's health, but there are still several aspects must be considered to write a firm conclusion.

On the other hand, with the articles 'Blood pressure reactivity to stress is better for people who recently had penile-vaginal intercourse than for people who had other or no sexual activity' by Stuart Brody, it stated that how your sexual behavior pattern in a relationship correlated to the blood pressure and its reactivity to stress, which means if penile-vaginal intercourse had done anything associated with stress than other sexual activity. Surprisingly, the research result shows that the PVI did benefits the participants than the others by the Trier Social Stress Test. For those who had PVI and other sexual activity with their partner resulted in the lowest stress level than people had PVI alone. On the other hand, those participants with no sexual activity had the highest level of stress as a result.

These two articles is really worthy to read and spread to everyone, yet more research or other aspects should be considered as many other factors can also affect the result. But if I am not reading these, maybe I could never suppose orgasm lead to mortality risk, you will think about how stressful of your work but never correlated your level of stress to your sex practices. Does everyone agree having those private times with your partner is a way of relaxation?


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I think sex is a beautiful thing that is way too stigmatized. People refer to it as "doing the nasty" when I feel the only way that concentual intercourse should be referenced is "making love." There are so many benefits to having sex, which were outlined in today's readings. Benefits include longevity, stress relief, and overall improvement in health. One big reason that couples who have regular sex are healthier and live longer is that they feel like they have someone to live for. If one member of the couple is ill, the other is likely to encourage him to go to the doctor so that they can get back to the pleasureful activity of intercourse.

I think it is really interesting that masturbation and pretty much any other sexual activity other than PVI does not give nearly the same results for stress relief ability. I would attribute this to the fact that PVI is the most primitive way, and the only with an evolutionary benefit. Because we are driven to reproduce, PVI is stress relieving and makes us feel the best so that we continue the race.

I think this research should be known to the world. Everyone feels stress, and few know how to alleviate it. If people knew that having sex would make them feel better, they may engage in it more often and not put it off until that particular project is complete and they have more time. Quickie sex still gives the results needed, so people should have lots of sex in order to maintain happiness and health.

Sexy time

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In the article by Smith, Frankel, and Yarnell, 918 men between 1979 and 1983 were followed after 10 years to see how many deaths occurred because of coronary heart disease. It was found that the mortality risk was 50% lower in the group of men with higher orgasmic frequency. The researchers concluded that sexual activity seems to have a protective effect on men's health. It seemed to be that for men, the quantity was important and as for women the quality was important. Sexual dissatisfaction was found to be a risk factor for heart attacks in women.
In the article by Brody, PVI but no other sexual behavior was found to be associated with better psychological and physiological function.
It's too bad that there isn't more research on sex since it's such a big part of human existence. I hope that as my current generation ages, there will be more research done on sex. I thought Alaina had a good idea for a study by asking men to do the dishes to see if their decreased inhibition would apply to other things besides sex.
I wonder if these findings can generalize to couples who have a bad relationship but have good sex. I know of couples that fit this bill- I don't think my friend should be dating her boyfriend but she talks about how great the lovin' is. So if the sex is good for both of them, but they fight and bicker, do the results from the studies apply?

Sex, Death, & Stress

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The articles bring up blood pressure, stress, and health based on frequency of sex, whether it was intercourse with another person or masturbation. The studies showed that sex is very good for your health, intercourse with another individual was the most beneficial and then masturbation & Intercourse and then just masturbation. I found it interesting that the next beneficial thing to just having sex with someone was masturbating and having intercourse. I think a lot of importance questions are raised in this article. If someone is in a good marriage and having enough sex then is masturbation still important? I think if both partners are satisfied with their sex life, then masturbation might not be needed.

The statistic that intercourse is the most beneficial is very interesting. I think a lot of other factors go along with that. The time that is spent after sex, the intimacy before, during and after sex is probably just as rewarding, at least from a health stand point, then the actually sexual act. The connectedness of the two individuals might not otherwise be met. Strong relationships are such an important aspect of a healthy sex life and vise versa. Sex will help the two people bond and connect on a level that they may not be able to do in their busy lives.

Benefits of sex

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Both of the articles assigned for class today concerned sex and its link to health. Smith et al.'s study revealed that sex acts as a sort of protective shield for men. This means that the more sexually active they (men) were, the lower their mortality rate was. The second article by Brody concerned type of sex and stress. Interestingly, only PVI intercourse predicted less stress when participants where asked to give a speech.

It is stated before that sex obviously has many health benefits, especially the mental and physical relief of stress and the release of oxytocin that promotes bonding. I thought that Brody's article explained it very well and clearly why pvi might later induce better stress regulations, citing that pvi "stimulates the pelvic nerve". However, how the pelvic nerve comes into play when releasing oxytocin was not explored. Does oxytocin get released from non-pvi activities as well? Less? Why would this be so? Does preference play a part? These are some questions that still need to be answered because homosexual couples won't be getting the benefits of pvi.

For the first article about sex and mortality in relation to men, I thought that there might have been too many confoudning variables. For one thing, the researchers briefly mentioned a baseline of health and that some men started out healthier than other men. In this case, the healthy person is likely to get more healthy and vice versa for the sick.
Another issue is the implication of sex: less stress, marriage, network of friends from that marriage. Perhaps people who had more sex and lived longer simply had more social support and benefits from their marriage. I'd imagine a participant who was not reporting in engaging in sexual activity as frequently as others would be in a casual relationship or somewhere along those lines.

It is interesting that in the social networking unit, too much sex with too many partners entails STDs. I'd only been assuming that the articles we read for this unit was on the grounds of committed relationships and only studied pairs of men and women (especially Brody's study). I think that was left rather ambiguous in the sex and mortality study though.

sex and health

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The first article described the way sex effects mortality rates. Not surprisingly individuals who were having regular sex lived longer than those who did not. It has not been a secret that a good sex life is predictive of good health. There is usually so much more than just the act itself, there are emotions and bonding involved not to mention the chemical processes involved. All of the parts combined lead to the health benefits. I cant help but wonder if healthier people are just having sex more because they are able to or if the sex is making them healthier. Certainly there is the immune system benefits of sex as well as cardio. These can definitely lead to being healthier.

The second article looked at the difference between different sexual act and lack there of. The researchers found that having sex without solo masturbation lead to the most stress reduction. I thought this was a little surprising at first because even an orgasm from masturbation can release many of the same chemicals in the brain. But after considering the information a little i began to think about the bonding and support that couples give each other after sex. This bonding can sometimes be some of the most intimate moments in the relationship. They can make for a really high satisfaction of the relationship. You can't have those moments with someone else if you just masturbated. Also in the group that had sex and masturbated the sex may not have been satisfying leading the individual to masturbate.

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