Ethnic group took responsilbility in Nepal's bomb which killed 3 and injured 7

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A terrorist attack involving bomb in Katmandu, Nepal killed three men and injured seven near government offices Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Home Minister Bijaya Gachchedar told the Associated Press (reported in Fox News) a group calling itself United Ethnic Liberation Front took responsibility for this attack, which was the first in four years. The Wall Street Journal said six years. The government heightened security immediately, Gachchedar told the Associated Press.

Several ethnic groups in southern Nepal threatened violence fighting for their right, the Associated Press said. According to the Wall Street Journal, ethnic groups in Nepal and a Maoist-led Constituent Assembly would decide on May 28 the form of government they want and how much power to give regions of the country. The Maoists became the largest party in elections in 2008 after the 10-year civil war between the party and the government ended in 2006, the Wall Street Journal said.

Crimes were happening in the country but nobody was put on trial, the Wall Street Journal said. Kidnappings in the southern plains made the area unsafe but "crime has been accepted as an integral part of politics," Subodh Raj Pyakurel, chairman of Informal Sector Service Centre, told the Associated Press.

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I am always shocked reading news like that one. I can hardly imagine how we can live surrounded by people that still consider murder of innocent people for something right and acceptable. Something should be done at least to decrease the number of that cases.


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