Hong Kong leader under investigation over corruption

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Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang is under investigation of corruption by a local commission and is facing a "possible impeachment effort by lawmakers," the New York Times said.

Mr. Tsang was accused of accepting trips to Macau and and Phuket, Thailand, on private jets and yachts owned by businessmen, according to Bloomberg. The Independent Commission Against Corruption received the complaint against Mr. Tsang last weekend and started investigating whether Mr. Tsang had accepted bribes, the New York Times said. Local news media reported Mr. Tsang was also "planning the below-market lease of a penthouse" in Shenzhen, China, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Tsang expressed his shock to "address questions about [his] integrity" in a letter to all members of the civil service, according to Bloomberg. He would be answering doubts about his trips, which he said he had paid for the rides, on Wednesday, according to Bloomberg.

Citizens were concerned about inappropriate influence in the government by business elite and their confidence in local leaders was shaken, the New York Times said. Public scrutiny of government officials have risen in recent years, Bloomberg said. Before Mr. Tsang's accusation, two candidates for the next chief executive Henry Tang and C.Y. Leung also faced "conflict-of-interest" scandals, the New York Times said.

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Being corrupted and investigated for corruption are two different things and I believe that there should not be so much fuss about everyone under investigation, because this means nothing! London

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