Minneapolis police prepares for resumption of Occupy Minnesota protest

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Occupy Minnesota is expected to bring hundreds of protesters in downtown Minneapolis Saturday and new rules from the police, according to CBS Local News.

The Minneapolis Police Department has set up cameras at Peavey Plaza and Loring Park, where the protesters are expected to gather, CBS Local News said. A new rule is also established, prohibiting the participants to stay in the park overnight.

"By ordinance, parks close between midnight and 6 a.m., and that will be enforced," Minneapolis park police Sgt. Jason Ohotto told the Star Tribune. Demonstrators will be allowed to put up tents but not sleeping in them, park police told the Star Tribune.

Co-organizer Ben Egerman told CBS Local News that he was "terribly surprised" and "a little bit saddened" for the police to set up cameras for the protest, which is "being protected by the Constitution."

Egerman told the Star Tribune they chose Loring Park and Peavey Plaza for the "flexibility and the opportunity for more people to get involved and more actions to happen."

Occupy Minnesota would resume Saturday at noon at both sites, according to the Star Tribune.

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