More blood donations expected with tattoo rule lifted

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Minnesotans with new tattoos can now donate blood without delay, according to the St. Cloud Times.

They used to have wait one year before donating blood, but The American Red Cross Blood Services Minnesota lifted the stipulation Monday, according to the St. Cloud Times.

The Red Cross lifted the waiting period because of a new state law that requires all body art technicians to be licensed, CBS Local News said. According to the St. Cloud Times, before the Tattoo and Body Art bill was passed in 2010, the Red Cross banned people with new tattoos to donate blood right away to prevent the potential spread of disease by unlicensed stores reusing needles and inks.

Sue Gonsior of American Red Cross Blood Services Minnesota told CBS Local News 1000 additional donors are expected now the rule is lifted. 3,000 more people could be saved each year, Gonsior told the St. Cloud Times.

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