Welcome to my Technology Tips and Guidelines Blog!

The purpose of this blog is for me to share tips and guidelines on the use of a variety of educational technologies, and for anyone who is interested to contribute to the blog by sharing questions, suggestions and your own comments related to my blog entries. I am a passionate advocate of online learning communities, social networking, and Creative Commons. I long ago abandoned any pretense of knowing for sure what I am talking about or of feeling that I need to become an expert before I begin sharing my evolving knowledge. I don't feel any particular need to "own" what I create, or even to get credit for it. Instead, I thrive on being a part of a community of learners and creators, seeking to expand together what we know. I have found that when people come together, willing to try out new things, make mistakes, and give each other constructive feedback, the result is far better than any one of us could create on our own -- and certainly it's more fun!

So I invite anyone who is foolish enough to stray across this blog and willing to take a leap of faith to join me in my journey. Post comments here that include questions, suggestions, your own ideas, links to resources and so on -- anything relevant that adds to what I am attempting to create and share here. Thank you!! :)

Recent Entries

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