NEW: Interdisciplinary Graduate Group on Human Rights and Transitional Justice

The Graduate School at the University of Minnesota has recognized an Interdisciplinary Graduate Group on Human Rights and Transitional Justice, providing a community for faculty, grad students and experts to collaborate and share their knowledge on the subject. The purpose of the group is to provide joint research, education and clinical opportunities in the study of effective processes for preventing serious international human rights violations and efforts to bring justice to those whose rights have been violated.

The University of Minnesota already has a strong community of faculty and students involved in the study of human rights and transitional justice. The leaders of the group, Barbara Frey, Director of the Human Rights Program, Assistant Professor in the Institute for Global Studies; Professor Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Dorsey & Whitney Chair in Law, Professor Kathryn Sikkink, Regents Professor and Professor of Political Science, Professor David Weissbrodt, Regents Professor and Professor of Law, are joined by over a dozen other professors in one of the most esteemed human rights faculties in the world.

The University of Minnesota University hosts four centers and programs that promote human rights research, teaching, public and professional outreach, internships, and conferences and programs: the Human Rights Program at the Institute of Global Studies, the Human Rights Center at the Law School, the Institute for Genocide and Holocaust Studies in the History Department, and the Program in Human Rights and Health at the School of Public Health.

This Graduate School collaborative will build on the work already being completed by the IAS Transitional Justice and Collective Memory Collaborative ending this Spring and will actively involve the strong network of Minnesota based NGOs, such as the Advocates for Human Rights, the American Refugee Committee, and the Center for Victims of Torture.

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