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Welcome Baby Kennion!

Rochelle's baby girl Kennion, 7lbs. 20 in, was born yesterday May 14th at 12:45pm. Congratulations Rochelle!

Over the past few months students from Barbara Frey's Human Rights Internship class have been working in partnership with Child Protection International (CPI) on a campaign to encourage universal birth registration in South Sudan. On Monday May 4th, the class held a discussion on the issue of birth registration inviting various experts working in the fields of child trafficking, international human rights and international development.

CPI Intern Event- Attendeesweb.jpg

Hunjoon Kim Receives Best Dissertation Award

Hunjoon Kim, political science PhD and human rights minor at the University of Minnesota has been awarded the best dissertation from the American Political Science Association Human Rights section.


Kim's dissertation, Expansion of Transitional Justice Measures: A Comparative Analysis of Its Causes , addresses the spread of accountability norms used by states and why past violations can be used as effective measures to demand truth and justice. Kim highlights the South Korean truth commission as a case study to explore transitional justice movements.

To read the full dissertation please click here.

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