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Join the Human Rights Program and the Creative Writing Program for a fundraiser for the Scribes for Human Rights on Sunday, October 9. The reception will offer a more intimate opportunity to meet some of the incredible writers, scholars and human rights activists who will be featured in our conference. Tickets are $100 per person. Visit to donate.

Featured human rights storytellers Brian Brivati, James Dawes, Nuruddin Farah, Vesna Goldsworthy, Patricia Hampl, Meg Jensen, Annette Kobak, Emin Milli, Kathryn Sikkink and Claire Stanford will be present. Creative prose can help us understand the effects of incomprehensible human rights atrocities, in a way that news reports simply cannot. With that in mind, the Scribes for Human Rights Fellowship provides a summer stipend for a current creative writing graduate student to produce a narrative work on human rights and engage deeply with the issues of our time.

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The Advocates for Human Rights Human Rights Education House Party

Ongoing Dialogues: Memory and Human Rights

This international symposium, beginning on September 29th, will address the role that literature, art and film play in the struggles against enforced disappearance, torture, degrading treatment, forced prostitution, human trafficking, violence against immigrants, gender violence, and femicide. We seek to address the relations between artistic practices and struggles against impunity and between aesthetics and ethics, and to give visibility to current human rights concerns and to the design of practices of memory.

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