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Neier: Human Rights Movement Has Affected Global Politics

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for neiercredit.jpg The international human rights movement has made significant impacts on the ways that states and state leaders act, according to Aryeh Neier, outgoing President of the Open Society Foundations. One of the architects of the international human rights movement, Neier spoke to a full house at the University of Minnesota's McNamara Alumni Center February 28th as part of the "Human Rights for the 21st Century: History, Practice, Politics" speaker series.

Aryeh Neier, President of the Open Society Foundations

Thumbnail image for aneier.jpegAryeh Neier, outgoing President of the Open Society Foundations, will be speaking at McNamara Alumni Center February 28 at 7 pm. A tireless advocate for improvements in human rights globally, Neier has conducted investigations of human rights abuses in more than forty countries. He has played a leading role in the establishment of the international criminal courts that have heralded a new era of international justice.

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