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AnnaTenzin.jpg The Human Rights Program and the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies are thrilled to announce that Anna Kaminski, a junior majoring in Art, Global Studies and Social Justice, and Tenzin Pelkyi, a senior majoring in Political Science and Global Studies, received the 2nd Annual Inna Meiman Human Rights Award and the Sullivan Ballou Award, respectively.

by Laura Schroeder

DSCN2459.JPGOne of the most striking squares in the human rights mural created by Argentinean artist, Miguel Rep depicts a gun severing the umbilical cord of a pregnant woman with a sinister hand outstretched, poised to snatch her newborn child. This and other images of the "Dirty War" in Argentina came from the artistic production carried out in Folwell Hall from February 29th to March 3rd, 2012.

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