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karina.jpgI am very happy to write in the Human Rights Program newsletter, and want to thank my colleagues for this opportunity. As a Latin American I want to highlight the work of the Program to communicate and collaborate with counterparts in the subcontinent. Below I emphasize some of the activities happening this semester.

hrc.jpgAs the United States Government debates domestic policy changes to address national concerns about gun violence, students at the University of Minnesota are urging the United Nations to address the human rights violations committed with firearms. The U.S. record will be reviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Committee as part of its periodic compliance report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The U.S. Government is scheduled to make a live appearance before the Human Rights Committee in October 2013. With this in mind, a team of University of Minnesota students, led by two professors, recently submitted a report to the U.N. Committee, raising questions on gun violence.

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