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March 11, 2009

Southwest Airlines Begins Service to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Southwest Airlines Begins Service to Minneapolis/St. Paul

"Southwest Airlines celebrates the opening of its Minneapolis/St. Paul service today with eight daily nonstop flights to Chicago Midway, with additional direct or connecting service to 57 destinations, including: San Francisco , Denver , and Philadelphia . Southwest will operate from two gates in the convenient Humphrey Terminal."

For travelers, it means cheaper airfare; for airlines in the Twin Cities, however, it suggests tougher competition.

March 9, 2009

More people than ever are using mass transit

From Startribune.

More people are using mass transit in the US

Looks like almost everyone is trying to save money on transportation. VMT in the Twin Cities also declines in this period of economic downturn. See the recent post from my advisor's blog (the Transportationist).