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Climate Change - China in Action

A short documentary made in 2008 fall aiming to show the effort of Chinese government in addressing the climate change:

China in Action

Also, in 2008 the Chinese government published a white paper on China's policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change.

I am glad to see that the Chinese government begins to take responsibility in protecting the environment worldwide. As a fast-developing country on her way toward industrialization, China has been facing a challenge in tackling the overwhelming environmental pollution in almost all aspects (air, water, soil, noise).

I hope that China will continue to open her doors to the world and embrace critiques and suggestions from different corners of the world with an even more open mind and with greater rationality. Environmental issues and climate change are huge challenges facing the international community, and only when all the nations become interdependent and are willing to work together that it is possible to make this world greener, cleaner, and more livable.