Dihydrogen Monoxide

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First, if you have not read about the severe effects of dihydrogen monoxide, please read the FAQs here: http://dhmo.org/facts.html .

For my first blog, I have chosen to write about dihydrogen monoxide, which is believed by many to be a serious chemical compound that is wreaking havoc on our bodies and the environment. This website, in a very specific manner, warns readers about the hazardous nature of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) in very eloquent, scientific jargon, and even I believed what I was reading when my high school biology teacher first introduced it to me. What I did not realize at the time was that DHMO's chemical structure contains two hydrogens and one oxygen... better known as water. If I had been a well-informed Psych 1001 student at that time, I would have used my awesome knowledge of the six principles of critical thinking to determine whether or not this 'hoax' (although all of the information presented on the website is accurate) was credible.
The first principle that casts doubt on the website is 'Extraordinary Claims'. If DHMO really is destroying our environment, causing cancer, and all of the other things the website claims, how could we not have ever heard of it? A lot of people may not know exactly what acid rain is, but we all know it is definitely not benefiting our planet. Based on how sensationalized our media is, if DHMO was really as bad as they claim, we would definitely have heard about it.
The second principle that would have caused me to doubt these claims is 'Ruling Out Rival Hypothesis'. My only logical thought about why more people are not concerned about DHMO is this: the benefits must outweigh the risks. As I stated before, everything stated on the website is a true effect of DHMO, but the benefits of DHMO (life, for example) are obviously much more important than a mudslide.
Another aspect about the DHMO website I wanted to briefly point out was how easily many people believe this website. Similar to what I have read in the book, our first impressions (such as believing DHMO should be eliminated) are often incorrect and it is important to think critically about everything we read.

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I actually laughed as I read this because as soon as I saw your title, I was reminded of high school--my chemistry professor had my class read the same article, and we had to explain why it's wrong in the scientific thinking process!

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