Nature vs. Nurture

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There is a widely spread debate throughout psychology that has no true, right or wrong answer, it's more based on opinion. This debate is called the Nature vs. Nurture debate, which has proven to be controversial and raises many questions about a person's overall behavior.
Psychologists believe that traits such as a person's personality, intelligence, and interests can all be connected to either a person's genes or the environment they were raised in. The idea that genes of a person is related to their overall makeup is the nature side of the argument. On the other hand, the environment of one's upbringing is more the nurture side. To determine which side of the argument psychologists deem more important when, psychologists performed three studies that show both sides of the argument. In my opinion, the Twin Studies have the most influential study to determine which side of the argument is more valid.
Due to the fact that there are two types of twins, fraternal and identical, psychologists studied the two separately in the "Twin Studies". They determined that identical twins makeup is more genetically similar than fraternal. Psychologists then went on to study twins that had been separated at birth and placed into different homes. By doing so, Psychologists can see how alike the twins are as they grow and mature, and determine how big of a factor the environment really was. If the twins turn out to be very similar even though they were raised in different households then it improves the validity of the nature side of the argument but if the twins were less alike than normal identical twins raised in the same home then it helps the nurture side.
I have an older sister who has the complete opposite personality than me even though we were raised in the same household. This is why I believe the nature side of the argument is more substantial, although, there is still a lot more to learn about the Nature vs. Nurture debate. I am curious to know whether people who are born from criminal parents are therefore more prone to become a criminal themselves, therefore reinforcing the nature side of the argument.

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