It's Official: Smoking Makes You Stupid.

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David Iverson section 12

This article is about smoking and intelligence. The individuals performing this test state that smoking makes people dumber. They tested roughly 20,000 soldiers from the Israeli military. They came from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. According to their results, smokers on average had a lower IQ than non-smokers. Also the heavier the smoker was, the lower his IQ generally was. They state in the title of the article: "It's Official: Smoking Makes You Stupid". They seemed to be very adamant that smoking caused people to have lower IQ, though they do very briefly mention that the study could not explain whether smoking caused a lower IQ or having a lower IQ predisposed people to smoke - immediately after which they went back to saying that smoking definitely causes lower IQ.
Correlation versus Causation. Need I say more? Let's think about this logically. People with lower IQs would generally be expected to make poorer health decisions than those people with higher IQs would make. They did not perform an IQ test on these men before they began smoking and then again after they had been smoking for an extended period of time. In relation to my own life, my mom is a smoker, and she is known by her siblings as the smartest of them all (She has 9 siblings). They were all raised in the same environment, shouldn't she be the dumbest? While I definitely detest smoke and dislike the idea that people smoke tobacco, this article is almost laughable.

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