Five years from now

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There have been lots of concepts in the psychology class. Among those, the concept I believe I will remember five years from now is the idea of false memory. I found it very interesting to learn that even a vivid and detailed memory can be actually inaccurate. The book demonstrated that people can have memories that did not actually happened at all. After learning about this, I wanted to check if it is true, so I tried to remember the most vivid memory in my life. The most vivid memory in my life was a car accident after which I could not get up for three days. Then, I called my mom to check if there is anything false in my memory. Surprisingly, mom told me that I had never had a car accident. I still do not know why I remember a car accident in so much detail. After some researches, I found that it is possible to remember as my own if I saw a car accident and felt highly aroused. Because I get highly aroused easily, I became so curious of how many memories are false in my life. A good thing is that since I learned this concept, I think I will not make a false memory ever again unless it is inevitable.

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