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The concept I learned from Introduction to Psychology that I am sure I will remember in the future is a rather basic one; the 6 principles of scientific thinking. The 6 principles are ruling out rival hypothesis, Occam's razor, falsifiability, replicability, extraordinary claims and correlation versus causation. They are easy to remember and will stick in my head, not only because there was questions on them on every single quiz and test I took, but also because almost every example of psychology I learned over the semester can be examined by using them. Yes, it may be a rather boring thing to remember from Psych but I also believe it is one of the most important things that will stick in my mind because it is useful in all facets of my life when examining things that may or may not be true. These six principles go beyond Psychology and can be applied to all forms of science, or quite frankly, anything that requires an explanation. I have these 6 core principles memorized into my core thanks to Psychology and I highly doubt I'll be forgetting them any time soon.

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