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For some reason I really loved learning about the sleep chapter. I believe in five years I will still remember the different sleep cycles. I loved to analyze how I sleep and how it can effect if I dream or do not dream. In the sleep chapter, or Chapter 5- Consciousness, I learned so many interesting things about sleep. First, I will remember that you have to get REM sleep or you could die. This is because its the deep sleep that you need and without it, you are not getting nearly enough sleep. Also I will remember that if you suddenly dream for a couple of nights in a row, it's probably because you didn't sleep enough before this. When you don't get enough REM sleep and you finally get a good nights rest your brain suddenly kicks into overdrive and you experience a lot of REM sleep. It's your bodies way of playing catch up! REM sleep fascinated me when I began reading this chapter! I know that in five years I will remember it because I often find myself discussing topics on sleep patterns when they are brought up in a conversation! I love to be able to tell people about what I learned in this chapter!
-> this video tells you how to get a better REM sleep!

-> this video discusses the stages of sleep

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