Psychology in Five Years

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Jenny Vue

Remember all those times when your friends complained to you about his/her partner? Exactly! Some of them may not think much whereas some can just keep going on and on with the "what ifs." It can even make you go crazy sometimes! This is how psychology concepts comes in.
I always tell my friends, whoever is complaining to me, that there are many possible reasons why their partner respond to them in that sort of way. This concept is the correlation versus causation fallacy:

A -> B A causes B,
B -> A B causes A,
C -> A and B C causes both A and B

Although I have use this concept before, I know that I will use this concept again in the future because it is appropriate for some situations, or should I say most? I might run into some relationship problems, business problems, school problems, or whatever problems and use this concept to lay out the causes for that condition.

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