Bystander Nonintervention

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A topic I found interesting was Bystander Nonintervention. This is the name given to situations in which there is an emergency or something that requires help, and the more people that are present means it is less likely that one of those people will help with the situation. This phenomenon is due primarily to two different reasons. The first is called Pluralistic Ignorance, which is the feeling that if everybody else does not mind something, I should not mind it either. The second reason is Diffusion of responsibility. Because there are more people present, each person feels less guilty about the situation because everybody else could have helped too.
I found this very surprising and interesting because it is very ironic and goes against what most people would think. It is surprising to think that when more people are present at an emergency, the less likely the people are to help.


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I find this to be one of the bigger problems out there amongst people because people are focused for too much time on what other people are doing when all they can really be responsible for is themselves. I find that the whole world would be a lot better if they took more responsibility for themselves as opposed to comparing themselves to the world around them.

I agree this is a big problem in our society, but I feel that the reason people don't intervene is because as the number of bystanders increases, bystanders are less likely to recognize the incident as a problem. They probably think that because others aren't intervening, that it might be a prank, show, or some other reason.

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