chapter 6,learning,

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Hi everyone, my name is Meng. It is my first time to learn psychology. In the entire book to see the brief contents I am very interesting in "learning". Whether human or animal, get learning or trained the result is not the same; dogs in circus know how to successful dump ring of fire; breeder taught dolphin how to applaud, they know how to listen to arrange to do some action. When I was a child, I heard a story. The nature of the wolf is eating sheep but someone put Lithium oxide in lamb burgers Will produce a very disgusting taste. They put lithium oxide in the sheep. Let sheep walk in wolf's place, A miracle happened, the wolf is close to the sheep, but the attack did not happen. Why? So amazing! What has changed is the nature of the wolf?
Through the five parts of this chapter let us know. What is learning; Classical conditioning; operant conditioning and cognitive-social theory. The Definition of learning is learning refers to any enduring change in the way an organism responds based on its experience. The Pavlovian conditioning is a form of learning in which animals come to respond to a previously neutral stimulus that had been paired with another stimulus that elicits an automatic response. The organism learns to associate CS with UCS, we should remember what is UCS, UCR, CR and CS. For example dog is NS; jump is UCR. What has changed is the nature of the wolf. That's the chapter 6 interesting thing.


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Kind of to go off of the wolf example. I'm a wildlife interpreter, so I deal with many situations of animals adapting to one another such as with poisonous amphibians and their warning colors, or warning colors in general for that matter. Most animals have learned over time that bright colors mean danger in the wild and so they stay away because they learned that it means poison or venom. Though I suppose it may be more genetically learned, but it would be interesting to figure out how this does get passed down.

That is a very interesting story about the wolf and sheep. It is really cool how we learn and adapt to different things and situations.

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