Experience and gene are extremely importnat to people's development

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In chapter 10, I can see that how experience, especially early experience, and gene affect the growth and development of children. The chapter describes the procedure a child grows up and how his/her brain comes to be maturer.
Because of the fast growing of children in their childhood, experiences have important influences than later experiences in shaping them as adults. What interested me is that the what is the causation bewteen experiences and personality. Like what Lilienfeld mentioned in the book that suffered highly fearful tend to seek out environments that protect them from their anxieties. However, those children could take more anxious when they grow up than those who grow up in safe environments. That is, the danger environment one grows up in, the safer environment she/he would seek out as he/she grows older. We can see how experiences affect rest of people's life.
I can relate this with my friend's experience. She growed up in a family full of fights, her father and mother quarreled with each other everyday and in the end they got a divorce. With this experience, she is afraid of marrage after grown up and does not trust men whatsoever. This is a tragedy of her and I can see that how important that the influences of early experiences are.

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I find development to be incredibly interesting, I'm interesting in teaching someday and I spend a great deal of time trying to learn how people perceive and respond to the world as the grow up and such. I find that experiences in the past can create anxieties, but for those who adapt to it, it can prove to be a great strength because they can overcome such negative situations whereas others find themselves not as capable because they've never had to deal with such a thing.

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