Be aware of your surroundings

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My sister always made the comment "that girl is so unaware of her surroundings" but I never quite understood her point. Why do we need to be aware? What makes us become aware? Consciousness refers to the relationship between our minds and experiences of the world. Something could be happening somewhere in the world and we would not know because we are so unaware of it. Our awareness levels change depending on where we are, for example sights and sounds. If I were at home watching TV I probably would not notice the number of birds that flew past my window because a.) I am not outside b.) I am watching TV and c.) I am unaware of things that do not bother me. I like to think that birds are very stupid but I do think that birds are very aware of their surroundings. Humans have put themselves above animals since the world began. Nature has made each mammal differentiate from other mammals; some perhaps could be less intelligent than others, some stronger and others weaker. I think that animals have a greater consciousness due to their experiences of making homes, hunting and fending for their babies whereas humans are usually able to choose the experiences that we have. Lucid dreaming is when the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming, after all we do spend a third of our lifetime sleeping. I have had plenty of lucid dreams, where I felt that I could change the events that occur in my dream therefore I am very conscious and aware of what is going on making the theory of consciousness real. jpg


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I feel where you're coming from when you say that we are very unaware of our surroundings sometimes. But that may be more because of the reason that we are so intrigued and engulfed in our work. The book makes a good point of this how when we are so focused on something we aren't aware of our surrounding and time really does fly. I don't agree with you however when you say other mammals have a greater conscience than humans. If you think about it we have the same if not more. When was the last time a bird ever focused on trying to understand a psychology text book? If we went back to the days of being hunters and gathers would we be more conscience? Probably not. We would probably have to be more aware of our surroundings but that is for safety's sake. I think many things in our daily lives take our concentration but not our conscience away.

I am a little confused about this blog. I think I would have liked for you to have elaborated more on your "lucid dreams," rather than connecting it all back to animals. The idea that you are a person who does have such dreams completely intrigues me to the point where I want to hear more about your experiences.

I think one of the reasons why we are not aware of the surrounding is that we are too familiar with the environment. In our subconciousness, we are confident about ourselves that we can handle everything that will happen next. Besides, just as you says, because us humanbeings always regard ourselves as the top of the animal so that we feel safe and do not worry about our surrounding as much as other animals. For example, birds are more discreet and they will fly away when some other living beings get closer to them to protect themselves from being hurted or eaten.

I agree with your statement that us, humans have been putting ourselves above animals since the world began and your explanation about how animals may be more "conscious" than we are (comparing our complete different ways of life). The lucid dreaming part was a bit confusing, maybe if you elaborated more, I would understand your blog, overall, better. Good job!

I think that humans and animals probably share comprable levels of consciousness. I agree that humans have put themselves above animals but I think that humans still have many animal traits and instincts. I believe any organism needs to be aware of its environment in order to survive. Maybe as humans we tend to be less aware of our larger environment due to the fact that most of the time we are relatively safe and protected in contrast to some animal groups who constantly have to worry about predators.

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