Facial expressions: the cause and effect of emotions

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I find it very interesting that while we use facial expressions to display our emotions, our facial expressions can determine our emotions. While our study in class indicated no difference in mood based on facial expressions, I feel that the experiment was no a good way to determine the correlation due to other factors.
I have heard of other studies that involved this theory before and how people with botox injections have impaired ability to feel certain emotions. Botox is typically injected into the muscles used to frown to prevent wrinkling in those areas. This impairs the person's ability to frown, and as research has shown, people with botox injections have weaker emotional responses to emotional stimuli. (http://www.dnaindia.com/scitech/report_botox-paralyses-your-emotions_1401936) I find this interesting because it seems strange that facial expressions could have effect on the emotion that they are expressing.
While the emotions cause by simply showing an expressions may not be as strong as actually feeling the emotion , they are clearly necessary for feeling the emotion fully. So smiling while you are sad will make you feel happier but making you feel less sad.


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I agree with you in saying that the experiment that we did in class didn't work very well, because as you said there were too many other factors to take into account. I think it's really interesting that you brought up the point of Botox injections and how people seem to have less of an emotional response. I would love to see more studies on that because it seems like that would be a good way to test the hypothesis.

There are some parts that I agree with while some parts that I don't agree with. One that I agree with is that being able to express your feelings is a great deal. It would help you feel the emotion and fully express it but sometimes people often fake smiles that makes them seem like there happy but its only used to cover there true emotion. The last sentence made me remember some saying that said "laughter can cure anything" or something that went like that. Overall, good information and backups.

I do agree that this experiment wasn't the best way to measure whether our facial expressions affect mood because there was no way to monitor if everyone was actually holding the pencil how they should've been, and so the results were skewed. The botox point is very interesting though, and I think it does make sense with the hypothesis of that experiment. I guess a smile really can change someone's day.

I agree with your opinion that facial expression determines the emotion. Sometimes we fake smiles to other people in order to hide sadness, but later we find out that we do feel better after smiling! Besides, I really like your example about the botox injection. It is really interesting. Overall, your entry is pretty attractive.

I agree with your saying that smile when you are sad makes you happier and feel a better emotion. But sometimes fake facial expressions are also confuse people as well. However, from my point of view, people can change their facial expressions to feel a different emotion somehow, but what people cannot change is some subtle expressions which can be noticed by other people and effects himself/herself as well.

I think that it has several factors involved in facial expressions and emotion. Sometimes I've seen friends who will be laughing and then they'll simply laugh harder because they're laughing so much. Also, if you're walking around with a smile that maybe you were faking at first, you'll likely see other people in a brighter mood because they'll see your smile and find something to smile about themselves, which in turn would come back to you and give you an genuine reason to smile. So maybe it might start out as dis-genuine, I think that in the end it will become real and give you the emotions you seek, but that requires you to actually commit to it and not merely put on a fake smile and tell yourself it's fake.

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