Homosexuality and the Nature/Nurture Debate

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The nature or nurture debate has been ongoing across the world for multiple decades. The article I read brought the debate to an issue in the modern world. The "cause" of homosexuality has been a hot topic for years. The author of the article brought up the point that knowing the reason homosexuality exists is irrelevant. The author then proceeds to ask what will happen after we find the answer to why homosexuality exists. He believes that when the answer is uncovered, humanity will have two routes to choose from. One will be the acceptance of homosexuality and the other will lead to the distinguishing of homosexuality all together. I agree with the with the initial question of why the reason for homosexuality matters. Finding the answer will not change the current situation. If scientists found that the reason for homosexuality was genetic, would they try to create medication to reverse it? Another question I believe we need to ask is whether homosexuals would want to take the medication. Many gays and lesbians have learned to accept their preferences and are satisfied with their current lifestyle. Societies around the world have also begun to develop a more accepting stance on the sexual preference of people. Between the two roads, I believe that humanity will accept homosexuality. This is due to the fact that many demonstrations that have been performed across the world advocating the rights of gays and lesbians. The author may have been biased, but overall made many valid points.


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You ask the question would homosexuals want to take the medication. My answer is no they would not. There is no reason why they shouldn't feel this way. Where in the world does it say what gener we are "supposed" to be attracted to. It is a feeling inside of us. In my opinon, it is the same idea of if you like dogs or cats. It is a preference. The world has gotten so used to norms that they stop excepting anything different. It doesn't matter HOW or WHY they feel that way. It is plainly just how they feel and no one should medicately change them. I don't see any medicatins coming out for people likeing cats.

In response to you asking whether or not homosexuals would take medication if it were available, I would not say no. In other words, I believe a handful of homosexuals out in the world, cruel, to say in the least, would take the medication. There is a reason why attempted suicide rates are greater among gay teens that those who are straight. They experience bullying, discrimination, and whatever have you, leading to a discontent life. In response to edwar589, sure homosexuality is something we are and, possibly, cannot change, but where does it say that they cannot otherwise yearn for a different sexuality? No where does it say that they must accept the fact that they are gay, and I'm sure that some simply cannot.

I really like this post. I think it is good to be able to connect the nature vs. nurture argument to a common topic in todays society. I do not exactly agree with the scientist who said that once the "cause" of homosexuality is figured out that people will either accept it or deny it completely. I think that this topic will always remain controversial, and there will always be people who support gay rights, and those who do not. We cant force every single person to believe the same thing on such a topic. I also think that it is silly to say that there is a reason that people are gay. I don't think that science will ever be able to prove why a person is homosexual or not. I think that this is a topic that lies beyond science that cannot be proven any which way.

You make a very good point in that it doesn't matter where homosexuality originated from. It's still here. What would they do if they had found the source of it? Stop them? It would be a lot like Hitler getting rid of the Jews. They're different, they're not like us so we should change them. We have different ways of thinking, so why not just accept it and move on? Agree to disagree because this is a very controversial topic and it's true some people still don't agree with it. However it is their choice, just like it's someone else's choice to agree with it. It shouldn't matter if homosexuality is nature or nurture, it's here and nothing's going to change that.

Echoing some of the earlier comments on this post, I think elba0012 makes a good point in that it is not so important where homosexuality originates (although psychology students would likely find the answer quite interesting). Also, in response to the idea of medications being used to “reverse” homosexual feelings, I feel that idea would become just as controversial as the mere idea of having intimate feelings toward someone of the same sex. It’s no secret that a great debate surrounds the idea of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals and their respective beliefs and rights. The introduction of medication to alter or potentially “fix” the origination of homosexual feelings would become yet another controversial topic in America, in my opinion. Yes, many GLBT individuals have learned to accept themselves as they are, and so have their circle of friends and family. These individuals would likely choose to forego the use of any medical treatments simply because they are happy and accepting of themselves. However, at the same time there remain a number of individuals who face many obstacles in their daily life due to sexual orientation. Individuals who have difficulty accepting themselves and their intimate feelings towards those of the same sex would likely utilize medical treatments to “reverse” their feelings.
In all honesty, I feel like the idea of medical treatments used to potentially “reverse” homosexual behavior would just become yet another controversial topic. As far as I’m concerned, if people are happy, then let it be. We should have no issues coexisting with one another just because of a difference in our sexual preferences. As edwar589 mentions, it’s the same idea as preferring cats or dogs. Let it be.

This is a very interesting article you found, one that could forecast a moral concern in the future. Concerning the question of if scientists will try to distinguish homosexuality would be against the moral ethics that psychologists have to keep in mind. Like you said most homosexuals are perfectly content with their personality, and that would cause them to be forced against their will to eliminate the trait, if it is genetic. Furthermore, the experiments to find the "gene" would have to cross some boundaries that have been set on human experimentation. That being said, it would be a long journey if scientists discover that homosexuality is heritable.

Some very good points, everyone. Personally I think finding the causes of homosexuality is interesting and scientifically valuable, just like finding the causes of any other trait. I do agree, however, that it shouldn't really matter in terms of accepting gay people.

The things that DO seem to matter are a lesson in human irrationality. Homophobia is predicted by such traits as the strength of your disgust reflex, for example, which suggests to me that it is largely a visceral position rather than a rational one. A recent study also suggests that it is indirectly related to lower intelligence through an unsavory trait called right-wing authoritarianism, which would be an interesting blog post in itself.

I think a very interesting concept in the study of sexuality and psychology is the heterosexual-homosexual continuum, which evaluates individuals based on a varying continuum with the opposites of complete homosexuality and complete heterosexuality on either end. By this school of thought, nearly everyone experiences varying degrees of bisexuality, and no one is completely "straight" or completely "gay." It would be interesting research to investigate what causes both heterosexual and homosexual tendencies, and it would probably dismiss the bigoted sentiment that being gay is an abomination or isn't really "natural."

Finding the cause of homosexuality is something that would be interesting but at the same time it would be a "who cares" kind of thing. It'd be like trying to find the cause of why someone would have a foot fetish. It really doesn't matter. I think it's genetic, personally. I don't think most gay people would want to take a medication to convert them into heterosexuals.

This blog was really interesting, I have never thought of connecting homosexuality to society in the way you did. One thing I would have to disagree with (as the previous comments have do so) is forcing people to take medication for their sexuality.

I think finding a cause of homosexuality may mean more to some homosexuals than to heterosexuals. As a gay man, I would actually like to know why I am who I am. There was a point in my life where I didn't want to be gay, and if there had been medication to reverse it at the time, I probably would have considered it. However, after coming to terms with my sexuality, I would never want to change. Even so, I would be very interested in finding out the cause of homosexuality, if for no other reason than to prove to some religious people I know that homosexuality is not a choice.

I think that how people react to homosexuality depends a lot on the culture of where you are from. There are some countries that aren't as accepting as the United States. They have laws that make homosexuality punishable by death. I think that regardless of whether or not scientific evidence was published concerning homosexuality, certain people would not react differently about it.

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