Children of Soldiers

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Many of us have experienced a friend, brother, sister, mom, dad, or close relative get sent overseas to fight a war. For our generation it is the War on Terror in the Middle East and for past generations it has been World War One, World War Two, and many other battles that have taken the lives of many and caused many psychological problems such as post- traumatic stress for others. Many times this damages families in ways that cannot be reversed. One may ask how children are affected by family members not being present in highly critical stages of development for children. Many of us have different relationships with our parents but for me I know that my dad could not teach me some things that my mom did and vice versa. There are critical times that parents should be present in a child's life not saying they shouldn't always be present. A child is most impressionable from the sensorimotor stage till the formal operation's stage. This is a time in which parents need to be there and active with their kids. It is very hard for young children to not have a mom or dad for a year. Many times soldiers do not see their family for a year or more which is way too long. It is inevitable to be deployed if you are enlisted in the armed forces but there should be a change on how long deployments are or the addition of time where a soldier can fly home not just for the child's mental health but also the soldier's.


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I thought this was a good topic to discuss, it is definitely very relevant to society today. I never had thought about how a parents present or absence in a kids life can change their learning ability. However, now that it has been pointed out, it makes complete sense. How can one learn when one of their role models are not their. I can see how you think it is important to have family in the armed forces come back more often to see the children so that the learning is not as affected. However, I think that it may be a little out there considering the army's first priority is not the well being of the family back home. But I do agree it would be best for the kids learning and brain development if it was possible.

I agree, this is a very arguable topic. As a matter of fact, one of my good friends from High School was just sent to Florida as he is now officially a Marine. Knowing his family, they are very proud of him but they miss him quite a bit already. I cannot imagine growing up without one of my parents constantly around the house. Obviously it isn't good having a father away at war for over a year at times, but what else are we supposed to do as a country? We need all the soldiers we can acquire, as this isn't a subject that we can totally wipe out.

This is a very serious social problem, In my country, military service is not common. No friends around me go to the army. I believe the children to the army parents must be very missed and worried about. In my country, in Country a lot of families want to get much money the father or mother will go to city leave their children in country. Those children live with their gradefather, they have no a whole family. those children cann't get their parents care. This is very detrimental to their growth.

Yes, that is a very similar situation and provides even more support to my stance. Kids do not have the kind of care they would get from their biological parents. Biological parents are more than likely going to invest more of their time in their children than step parents or grandparents who are not necessarily biological parents.

I agree that this is a large issue facing our society today. I have a brother in the military, so I am able to relate to this topic on a personal level. He is choosing not to have kids until he knows that he will be around to see them grow up. I think it is really important for a child to have for a maternal and paternal role model in their life. For kids who don't have either a mom or a dad, I believe it is really important for them to find guidance from a father or mother figure depending on which on is not present in their life. interesting topic choice I enjoyed reading it!

I agree at how important it is for parents to be present in their children's life, especially during critical stages. However, I think that there could be something good to parent's being a part of the armed forces. It could allow for the families to appreciate the time they have together more than other families whose parents are only gone from 9-5 during the day. And just because the parent is not physically with the child doesn't mean that they cannot have an impact on their life. Especially with today's technology. Skype can be utilized for important moments that they would otherwise miss out on.

Good post. I agree that parents need to be there as much as possible for the extremely important development stages. I like the tie into soldiers going overseas for years because it really has an effect on a child growing up and also the mental state of the soldier who is overseas. Nice job.

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