My Little Cousin Colin

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I've had the pleasure to witness my little cousin, Colin Beckman grow from the first day being born. Sadly I am not able to see the little guy as frequently because I am attending college, but I was in attendance for the first 8 years of his life. Now with learning about different theories and studies on recently born babies into their early childhood, it gave me a chance to make some comparisons with my cousin. Piaget recorded from observations that children go through certain stages while they are in their early years that resemble the same timeline as others in the same development. But thinking back to the days when he was wearing a diaper and scooting on the rug with his bum, there are some inconsistencies with his timeline. I love my cousin Colin but he was a little slower to develop and was just slower than the average kid to walk, talk, among other things. But in other ways he was more advanced than other babies. By 8 years old Colin would give me advice on different things i would tell him, granted most of the times wrong. He would answer the question as if he knew my point of view. This contrasts with Piaget because he claims it isn't until around 11 that children are able to experience this attribute, while my cousin was doing it with understanding at 8. colin.jpg

That's my cousin on the far right, what a cutie.


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I think observing children's behavior during the period time from born to growth is really interesting. Just like you, I have a little cousin who is much younger than me. I still remembered the day he born and the process he growths up. He is a really cute little boy who gets the way to new things fast. I remember that he was ahead of other children in speaking, learning, eating and writing. When he was just 6 years old, he could do the most simple caculations well and recite some poems. Besides, he could understand the bilge sound of our conversations. Actually, sometimes it is difficult for adults to understand. I really enjoyed observing his growth.

I believe that Piaget's studies and research on child development and the stages they may go through is more of a broad estimation of how the child may develop. It gives a few general stages that children may cross through as they mature and develop. I'm sure most infants/toddles wont follow the path neatly and perfectly because there will always be deviations and exceptions. Where some children may lack in an area, they may excel where others don't, giving a good balance between skill sets. Each baby's early childhood is very individualized and is determined by many factors. Watching both my brother and sister grow up from birth has allowed me to see these different stages and how they develop. It is exciting to watch humans develop from their birth to where they are today.

I also agree in the idea that watching the development of a certain kid can become very interesting. One of my buddies had a kid when he was 16 years old. I get to visit him every month or so and every time that I see the kid when I come over to visit, it seems like he learns so much more! It seems like they mature so much more even when it reality is has been months. I cannot wait till I have my own child and can actually be able to keep track of his/her development.

I believe we can learn a lot simply from observing our younger siblings, cousins, and other children. Chapter 10 really allowed us students to observe them from different perspectives. I think this because we were the ones that had been developing all this time. Now that I am aware of what ages certain children acquire certain knowledge it not only allows me to help them, but can minimize frustration that we previously misinterpreted.
By the way, this picture is ADORABLE.

This is an interesting topic, however one that I think many can relate to. I agree with you that it is hard to make an assumption that all kids learn the same way and at the same rate. I think each kid is different and there can not be a specific way they develop. But I guess there can be a certain standard but I know that my cousin who is 8 is way smarter than most kids his age, but i would not say that that makes him special and other kids slow. While he may be really smart he lacks some basic social skills. So I think it is all give and take and in the end they will develop just not at the same way as everyone.

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