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Growing up I always preferred spending time with my father over my mother. My father always insisted this was because he was the "fun parent." Turns out he may have been right all along. When reading the psychology chapter on the role of the father figure I found it interesting that even though fathers are less affectionate and spend less time father daughter.jpgwith their children than mothers their kids usually prefer to play with the father. This struck me because I realized just how true it is. My father spent less time with me than my mother yet I always preferred playing with him. This made me think that maybe why some children prefer their father to their mother is because they associate their father with fun and play. If children prefer their father as a playmate then they might grow up to associate fun and happiness with time spent with their father. In the psychology chapter it also mentions that fathers interact with more physical play. This could also be a reason that children might prefer their father. According to Harlow and his comfort contact theory, simple touch can be extremely reassuring. While his theory gave us insight into why children prefer their own parents it could also be why children sometimes favor their father.


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This is a very interesting blog. I am also amazed at how true this chapter seems. I also always picked my dad over mom when it came to doing a physical activity. I would always ask my dad to come shoot some hoops out in the backyard, or play catch with a football or baseball. Since I picked him to play these various sports, it then associated with fun and happiness. I wonder if this data is correlated at all with sex? Do father and sons usually form a stronger relationship than a mother and son?

This makes me wonder how much gender plays a role in which parents we chose to spend our time with. The stereotypes of "Mama's Boy" and "Daddy's Girl" come to mind. My idea behind why some choose the father over the mother is that because our dads are typically at work most of the time, we'd rather be with him because we don't get to see him as often. For majority of us I'm sure we remember our mothers being at home taking care of us when we were young. By the time Dad came home we wanted to play with him since we hadn't seen him all day. In my case the opposite was true. My dad worked from home and my mom was always gone during the day. I always favored my mom when I was younger simply because she wasn't around as much. In this way I don't see it as claiming favorites between the parents, but who we didn't get to spend as much time with.

I remember thinking about this as well! Just the same, my father worked a lot but I still looked forward to playing with him the most. I think the sort of traditional roles where the mother is the caregiver and the nurturer also help with associating the father with more carefree fun time.

My mother told me that when I was a child, I always loved to go out with my father, play with my father and talk to my father. Because my mother was strict with me all the time, but my father stood on my side and did not blame me when I made severe mistakes. Besides, he used to buy me some dolls which my mother was not willing to buy. It seems that during the childhood, fathers do not have so many rules and requirements to children. However, after I growing up, I have less and less time spend with my father. I prefer talk to my mother when I meet with troubles. Maybe it is because I am a female and my mother is reachable in most of situations.

This blog really makes me feel the strong similarity. My mom and dad get divorced since I was in primary. I spend most of my time with my dad, he take care of me everyday. He is an amazing dad, he sacrifice a lot during my growth. He even quit his job just for taking care of me at home when I was very young. My mother always busy working. However, when I grow up, I start to not that close with my dad, and I become closer with my mom, This sometimes hurt my dad, however, I think this is the reason of the girls will need more from the mother's experience than dad's. Since the different gender will need different kinds of experience.

This was sort of the same way with me as a child. My father would always come home sort of late for work and was only fully available on the weekends. I associated everything sort of boring, or normal, to the time I spent with my mom. But, when I did things with my dad it was always much more interesting since we seemed to have fun projects or always wanted to play sports.

I agree with most of the other comments in this blog in the sense that I enjoyed spending time more with the father than I did with my mother when I was young. My father also worked much more than my mother as we were growing up, so I became accustomed to being home with my mother all day. I think I enjoyed the change of pace when my dad came home so I spent a lot of my time with him when I could. I feel as though I have a stronger relationship with my father today than my mother even though I spent a lot more time with my mom when I was growing up. Overall, this topic is an interesting one and I would like to look at it further.

This is an incredibly interesting blog. I never thought about which parent a child would want to interact with more. After reading your support, I would say I agree with all of the evidence. I've never noticed it before, but I will definitely be paying more attention. However, I'm wondering when that shifts. I know for a fact that there are many teenage girls who interact more with their mothers than their fathers, simply because the father cannot relate with the changing feelings that are going through a teenage girls mind. So what age is that? Is is right around adolescence, a little before, a little after? I think it would be very interesting to find that out.

I really enjoyed this blog. I definitely see it playing out in my life. I have always preferred my father over my mother, even at an extremely young age. One of the above comments mentions a possible shift in adolescent age girls, but that did not happen in my life. I always felt more comfortable discussing problems with my father because he gave me advice from the male perspective, and he wasn't afraid to tell me what I needed to hear, whereas I think a lot of times mothers like to sugar coat things and tip toe around them to protect their daughters.

I never considered this before, but thinking back on it now I think I always preferred to play with my father as well. My father spent much less time with me than my mother did but I don't think I noticed all that much till now. It could be that children would rather spend time with their father they see less often because they spend too much time with their mothers as well. I know sometimes I get sick of spending time with my mother, but not really my dad. I always thought it was because my mom was much less lenient with what I could do and was always very over protective. I always thought of my dad as the 'fun parent' and never really thought there could be much of a psychological meaning behind it. I really enjoyed the different aspect your blog took on this topic.

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