Big Five Personality Traits: A Big Part of Our Lives

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Personality is a defining factor in our everyday lives. It affects how we interact with others and how we understand ourselves. In five years I will remember the big five personality traits. The big five personality traits are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. By knowing and understanding a person's score on the big five personality traits you can learn a lot about who they are and what they are likely friendship.jpgto enjoy. Being aware of someone's personality traits can help you interact with them better and promote a relationship. I will not only remember the big five personality traits in the future but also use them to help get along with others. For example if someone scores low on openness to experience then maybe they would prefer to do something that they have done before and is therefore in their comfort zone rather than try something new. Knowing the big five can also help explain why some people don't get along and just can't seem to be friends. Their personality traits could be on opposite sides which means they probably enjoy very different things and act very differently from one another. The big five personality traits can also give insight into someone's fears and desires. Someone who scores low in extraversion will probably be uncomfortable and possibly afraid of being forced to talk to and be around large groups of people for an extended amount of time.


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I think one of the applicable uses of knowing our own Big Five is when we start searching for a career path. For example, if we desired to entrepreneurs, but we had a very low level of extraversion, our likelihood of success would probably be pretty low. On the other side of this coin, if have high extraversion and were stuffed in a cubicle from 9 to 5 every single day, we would most likely be miserable. Understanding your personal traits, strengths, and weaknesses is essential when choosing a life path, and the Big Five does an excellent job showing us what these strengths are.

I definitely agree with you when you say that the Big Five Personality Traits are something that will be useful in the future. Whether it is with relationships or even in a job setting being able to get along with different people than yourselves is important in life. Especially in the job environment, there are people that are going to have different personalities than yourself that you will need to work with. Having their personalities be known could be useful to avoiding fights. This information that we learned in this psychology class is important and interesting to know other than guessing how someone acts in their everyday life. Great post and very interesting!

I agree with the above comments that the The Big Five Personality Traits are a critical aspect to the job market in that every job requires different levels of the traits. It'd also be interesting to see the comparisons of these between friend groups because in most cases I am sure they would all be similar. Definitely one of the most interesting parts of psychology.

I would completely agree that the big five personality traits are important in our lives and that it is important to know what traits people have. I know that being able to tell what type of traits a future boss has would make working for better cause you know what he would like and not like.

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