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In the movie The Note book, there is a lot of romance going on. The girl falls in love with the boy in her town right away in the movie. Which demonstrates the proximity theory. Which states that if two people live in close distance they are more appealing as a mate. This gets backed up again when she moves to college and finds a man who is in the same area as her.

Then she moves to go to college where she gets a fiance. This fiance is rich and very well educated which demonstrates the Social Role Theory, which says that women are more likely to want a mate that can provide for her and has a good education. Even though in the end she goes back to her first love and brakes it off with the rich guy. It took her forever to decide what to do, which shows that money and stability did matter to her.

In the movie she falls in love with two men. Both are very attractive males, which shows that the physical attraction theory is true, we do judge books by their cover.

Even though this was a fiction love story, it is backed up by some very factual psychology.


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This is a very perceptive analysis. Movies with love story components often seem to demonstrate some of the psychological principles of attraction that we read about and discussed in class. Another interesting example of these principles of attraction in movies can be seen in the movie “Crocodile Dundee.” In this movie, a young women who writes for a New York newspaper has planned to marry the editor of the newspaper who is both close to her(proximity theory) and of a similar social background (similarity theory). The young woman goes to Australia to interview a bushman living in the Australian Outback. Although their backgrounds were dissimilar, the woman gradually fell in love with the bushman because of his ability to protect her from the hazards of Australia and also of New York City when he returns with her (social role theory).

I watched the movie, too and I am impressed by the melting plots. I agree with you that when choosing boyfriend or girlfriend, physical attraction plays a really important role as a matter of fact. Everyone wants to have a good mood when dating with their mates.Besides, the external facts sometimes are very important as well. To some degree, external factors such as money and position are the part of the factors that attract the opposite sexual people.

I like that you incorporated The Notebook into psychology concepts. I do find it interesting that she stays with her rich fiance for a long time, but I feel that it is due to the money like you said. So that just shows that to some women, money plays a great part in who they chose to have a relationship with. I feel that for women it plays a factor in the relationship because they are the ones who have the children and have to miss work to have the child. That just means that women need a man who can support her and the child while she isn't working. That also shows that women can in a sense shape the person they mate with. Along with money being important for a women in a relationship, looks plays a huge part like you said.

Finding the right mate and being happy with them combines many aspects and attributes, looks and financial security being pretty close to the top. Money definitely plays a factor in some woman's choices of a mate, which for instance can be shown with examples of "gold diggers" or any other slang for it. Many young, pretty women may marry a very wealthy elderly man in hope to get the money sometime after they pass on. I hope that it isn't always about the money, but rather the connection with the individual. As for men too looks play a good role in choices. The looks of a potential mate may draw somebody to that person, but there needs to be more than just looks to keep us interested. The notebook is a great example and really shows a good display of psychological explanations.

I would have never guessed that this movie had a little bit more to it than just a love story. I think that these theories are very accurate in the movie but not so accurate in real life. In real life we still have the issue of people who have bad morals and are just concerned about money rather than what the person can do for them with their education, but in all I see where you are coming from with this blog post, thanks for a different view on this movie!

I love this movie and the story that it tells. It really does show how proximity can play such a big factor in falling in love. However, in the movie Allie and Noah are not really similar in anyway; he is poor and she is rich, she wants to go to college and he can't afford it etc. so it is interesting that she chooses Noah in the end. I think that the story shows that passion and reciprocity are more important in a relationship than money or high social class.

This is one of my all time favorite movies. It tells a wonderful story about love. I definitely agree when you say that attractiveness does matter when first meeting a mate. If you are not physically attracted to a person, it is hard to want to pursue them further. However, I don't think she cared too much for money because in the beginning of the movie she loved Noah even though he was broke.

I agree that physical traits are usually the basis of attraction between two people. From there, the bond changes as they learn more about each other and strengthens.

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