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I'd have to say that the concept of science and pseudoscience will stay with me all of my life because it has always been an integral part of my thought process and since I am seeking a major in physics, it will continue to be incredibly relevant. However, it goes beyond just my major and potential careers. I have always been very concerned with other people's perspectives and how they develop such perspectives. I've been known as a very hard-hitting debater and always seek to learn how other people have come to their conclusions and I always test their reasoning against what I believe to be true. That being said, the concept of science vs. pseudoscience is a powerful tool to know to keep one's self as objective as humanly possible.


The world often does not make sense, especially with all of the people in the world with their own unique interpretation of existence. This combination makes understanding to be even more abstract and hard to grasp requiring people to keep a scientific mind to better themselves and the world around them to hopefully find consensus with one another on as many topics as possible in order to progress as a whole and individually. Just imagine how far the United States would get if politicians could come to consensus on their's almost a scary thought, but exciting too!

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Atta boy, Jeff! I agree. It's incredibly important to be able to distinguish between science and pseudoscience in life, no matter who you are. Whether you're evaluating dieting advice your girlfriends are giving you or the credibility of an article by JAMA, all science is vulnerable to faults that we should be aware of.

I would so agree you that science vs pseudoscience is important because so many people buy into the wrong the beliefs. It's ideas such as loosing weight without doing anything that gets people to believe they don't have to work for the stuff they want. It just creates false belief.

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