Five Years Time

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It's hard to say what I'll remember from this class five years from now. It's hard to say where I'll be even a year from now. Although in a year I'll most likely still be at school here at the U. I know I'll forget many things between now and five years from now. To be quite honest I've forgotten some things already.
FORGETFULNESS-1jpg.jpgHowever there will be some things that I'm sure will stick with me. Our memory capacity for one. I know I don't keep information all that easily, but I start to think about the psychological reasons now as opposed to it being just genetics (I blame a lot of my forgetfulness on my mother).
personality1.bmpI'm sure I'll also remember some things about personality and abnormal psych. One reason is because I'm taking those classes next semester, so that might be cheating in this case. However in this general psych class I also believe that I learned a few more things about personality and abnormal psych that I didn't know before. I always thought I had a general idea of what abnormal psych was, but now I know that abnormal psych is a much more controversial topic than I had initially thought.
It's really hard to say what I'll even remember next week, let alone in five years from this class. But I like to believe that I'll remember a few of the things that I mentioned. However, try as I might, I'm always going to be thinking about the psychological reasons behind what I do. I might not have all the answers, but I'm always going to be thinking about how a psychologist might classify my actions.


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I completely agree about abnormal psych. I think that was the most intriguing section and also the most important in a lot of ways. It's important for everyone to have at least a basic understanding about it as they go through life and encounter people who suffer from mental illnesses.

It's good that you're not only thinking of genetics when you think of development. Development can be attributed to both environmental and genetic reasons.

I think that a lot of people don't necessarily think of psychological reasons as to why they forget things as they are forgetting something. I actually think that I forgot something because it just wasn't as important. But then again personality types do test a persons way of thinking.

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