Is Conformity Always Bad?

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The concept of psychology that I found most interesting throughout the semester, and the one I will likely remember for years to come, is the controversial issue of conformity. Obviously there are strong arguments for both sides, while watching the experiments presented in discussion, I found myself wondering: is conformity always a bad thing? Upon doing some research, I decided the answer to this question is no. An article published on, suggests that conformity allows individuals to more easily accomplish goals. Furthermore, many groups that have been founded on the idea of uniformity have moved toward positive actions and tend to be very protective of its group members. That isn't to say individualism shouldn't be valued, but at some point, everyone needs to conform. For example, upon graduation, I hope to land a good job at a well-respected company. While I may think of it as unique to arrive at the interview with neon green hair, it is likely that I will not be offered the job as many people could see my appearance as a distraction. A certain amount of conformity is necessary to succeed in most professional settings. So, next time you wish to "stand out" and be unique, think about the future and the impact non-conformity could have on your future.



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Conformity is always going to be one of the most fascinating aspects of psychology to me. Although it was not what I wrote about for what will stick with me for years down the road, it is definitely a close second. I love the part of how you say that at some point or another we will all have to conform to something, and to say that everyone is their own individual is only partially true. Everyone can be considered their own person, but I doubt that there is anything that they do that does not conform to one part of society or another. Excellent thoughts, and a great post!

I completely agree with your opinion that it will not always be bad and in most situations actually be very helpful. Without conformity at a corporation like 3M they likely would be a lot less productive in coming up with new products.

The counterargument to that is without unique people, how would 3M come up with new products? If they are consistently conforming, would they ever think outside the box? I'm not so sure. Conformity is, of course, very important to productivity but it also can be a threat to creativity and the progress that can be gained from it.

I love that picture, it's hilarious. I think with conformity, it's merely a product of your personality in a lot of cases. To some level, we are all conformists, and we are all nonconformists. It's where we sit on the spectrum that defines who we are. I would say it's neither good nor bad, it just defines us.

I think your right that conformity is good to some point, because if people never fully agreed we wouldn't get that far in the world, yet at the same time it is needed to get other ideas said because everything that has changed the world has started with an idea.

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