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I have always wondered if girls were smarter than boys, I usually panicked when the class was split into gender groups when we played games like jeopardy. The boys always won. But then again that was in grade school. while boys were always on the math team or chess club, the girls always excelled in Spelling Bees. Chapter 9 was all about intelligence, Women tend to do better that mean on some verbal tasks, like writing, spelling and pronouncing words (Feingold, 1988.) The book also said that women are also better with understanding the emotions of others. But why is that? I think that it might have to do with gender roles in society. We usually are consumed with assumptions that women are better with children than men, and should stay at home while men work. If roles were reversed do we still see these definitions of intelligence to be true? Would men still be better spatial learners if they stayed home instead of going to work? Overall I do agree with what the book has mentioned about the different areas of intelligence in genders, but I have always wondered about what it would be like the roles were reversed. Man_In_A_Dress.jpg


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Nice post about gender differences. I think it would be pretty funny if the roles happened to be reversed. I think society would probably still run the same way, except with men and women switched around. I also think that some gender roles have been slowly going away in our society. More women are getting jobs rather than staying at home.. I think changes like this may benefit our society in the long run.

I like how you involved "chess club" in your post, especially as I was very much involved in chess in my childhood years. At first I was offended, as I'm a female who was in chess club and attended Nationals annually, but then I thought about the make-up of my team--the majority of members were male! Even throughout my years, I never really was enthused as much as my brother was, and we hardly saw many girl champions. Coinciding with the book's claim regarding male's better ability in spatial tasks, chess is very much spacial, as experts are trained to view the board at least 4 moves ahead.

I really enjoyed reading this post. You did a good job at explaining the gender differences by showing examples of who's better at what. However, if the roles were reversed I think that women would far exceed men. The world is already changing and women are becoming more involved in the work force rather then being stay at home moms. The picture you posted was also hilarious!

Psychologists should study homes where the father is a stay-at-home dad. I know there are not as many of them as opposed to stay-at-home moms, but there is a good deal of them out there. To the comment by whit1618, in what ways are you saying women would far exceed me? Like in success of companies, salaries, efficiency? If roles were reversed I wonder if the salary bias against women may start to fade away? Also, I wonder for example, if a household with both parents deeply invested in their careers have a nanny to watch their children instead, would women be much better at interpreting emotions than the father would? Interesting topic and great pic!

I also wondered what brings about the differences in gender-related intelligence subjects. I think you present an interesting question regarding if society, or nurture, has an effect on what domains certain genders respond better to. I think 'lint0059' is also right in proposing research studies on homes where fathers are the stay-at-home parent; do the fathers then contain a higher ability to decipher emotions among others?

Nice picture. haha.
I definitely think that there just naturally are differences in men and women. There's no way around the fact. It is even seen in nature with animals. While I don't think either gender is limited, by any means, I still thinks different abilities exist.

This is a very interesting topic to think about and your suggestion that gender roles are the main cause for this difference is a plausible idea. Although in regards to spatial awareness the book did show the men's hippocampus was bigger than that of women's which allowed for this difference in spatial awareness, but none the less the topic is still very controversial.

This was a very good blog post as it really caught my eye. The picture says it all, made me laugh at least. I do agree with some of the other comments in regard to the fact that women are starting to excel in society today. If women were to take men role in society I believe that would be placed and preform way above men.

You bring up an interesting thought about intelligence. it has been found that men tend to have more outliers in intelligence than women do. This means that there are more gifted men, but also more unintelligent men. This does not mean that a woman cannot be more or less intelligent than a man. It just means that if someone is very intelligent or very unintelligent, it is more likely to be a man.

I like that you brought up this topic. Gender intelligence is very interesting to me. However, I don't know if it can be so simple as to say girls are better at one thing and boys at another. I know that back when I was young the girls always won. I wonder if know as society is changing will this concept change with it? I think it is definitely something to keep an eye on.

You're getting a lot of posts, nice picture choice. I pretty much agree with you. There's not way to really know what gender roles have to do with the intellectual differences between men and women but I get the sense we will find out eventually . Since more women are working full-time and in a lot of cases just becoming "the man of the house" maybe sometime in the 22nd century they will be reversed, and we can compare? Only time will tell!

That is a interesting question. I believe that it is through the tasks completed throughout a persons life that determines intelligence in specific categories.

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