Obi-Wan Kenobi: A "Force"ful Personality

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As a truly dynamic character in the Star Wars book and movie universe, Obi-Wan Kenobi exhibits all components of the Big Five. In regard to conscientiousness, Obi-wan was always very careful when on dangerous missions. He also took pains to hide Luke and Leia as infants from Anakin and the Emperor. Obi-Wan was usually agreeable with his friends, cooperating with other characters as long as he or others he was with were not in danger. He was calm and focused in tense situations, and his low neuroticism score correlates with leadership, as we learned in class. In terms of Openness to Experience, Obi-Wan was always intellectually curious and creative in finding solutions to problems that arose. He frequently took on challenges such as sneaking through the Death Star alone. The extraversion dimension of Obi-Wan's personality varies, fitting nicely into the Person/Situation debate. In the first half of the saga, Obi-Wan was fairly outgoing and talkative as a padawan and Jedi master. He conversed with many humans and alien species and hardly was hardly ever lacking in confidence. However, at the end of the third movie, Obi-Wan goes into hiding to watch over Luke, and we learn in the fourth movie that he had basically become a hermit, living by himself in the desert, probably never coming into contact with anyone. Looking back over the first four episodes, the claim can be made that Obi-Wan was only as extraverted as the situation demanded him to be. obiwan.jpg


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This is one of my favorite posts because I enjoy the way you related something from a movie that many of us loved as a kid to the big 5 in psychology. The only thing I would disagree with is that I would rate his extraversion a bit lower because I don't always feel that he was open to meeting all new people and carefully selected his friends.

Very creative post! Learning the Big Five was one of the topics that interested me and reading it in this context really caught my attention. But should everyone try to pursue being like Obi-Wan and be high in every trait? And as I think about it more, a lot of Obi-Wan's traits rubbed off on Luke and Anakin, which can be seen throughout the series.

When you wrote this did you start to think about other movies with characters similar to this? The first that popped into my head were Gandalf and Dumbledore, both of whom display similar traits to Obi-Wan. All of these characters are loved by fans as there aren't many bad things to possibly say about them. Are there examples of this in modern day life?

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