Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding

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It's hard to pick one concept from psych that I believe will stick with me in 5 years. I find all the theories, ideas, terminology we've learned in Psych 1001 intertwine in some way. What I have come to highlight the most are the 6 principals of scientific thinking. Once clear, the ease to understand the rest comes a lot quicker.

What I can say unquestionably that I take with me is a new perspective, a renaissance of my state of mind. Psychology has defined some of my thoughts that always went unanswered.

It helped diminish ignorance on issues I use to see in only black and white. One topic that I would use for this validation is individual differences. From our DNA, to our brain chemistry, we perceive and learn in diverse ways and this undeniably affects how we carry out our lives. Judgments and inaccurate conclusions are things I'll try to no longer jump to. I have learned that understanding the deeper meaning relies on more than what meets the eye.

I've never planned to pursue a career in psychology or claim it as a major but I will continue to build on the knowledge this course has laid out for me. One way I plan to do this is through reading. There are so many websites, journals, articles, books, and blogs out there that I plan to take advantage of. One for instance is the website for the articles they posted for this blog assignment.

Another excellent site is where they have a variety of topics.

Blogs by licensed psychologists also offer interesting information from a counseling point of view. One that I find thought provoking is by a local clinical psychologist from St. Paul. This blog has posts on issues that we all can relate to some degree, like relationships and stress.

If you're like me and found your first psychology experience to be inspiring, keep reading and learning about it. Because being familiar with the basis of human mind and behavior can be helpful in any aspect of life.

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