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Hands down, no question in my mind: chapter 12 will probably be the most prevalent material these next few years of my life. We all heard the stories of how fun, yet stressful college life can be and now are living testament to that fact. College is definitely a stressful time in one's life, especially during finals. student_stress.jpg
After reading chapter 12, I have a better understanding of how stress can affect myself mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically. This year, I also took part in a month-long REP study which measured how I currently handled stressful situations and then instructed me on how to improve those methods. With the help of this study, I have learned how to focus on something called present control. Present control teaches individuals to basically focus their efforts and concerns on present matters which are in an individual's control, rather than ruminating on the negative aspects of the situation. This study, conducted by Sam Hintz, has taught me to focus on aspects of life which I can control, such as how I handle a situation; is pointless for me to ruminate on my up-coming tests and finals by wishing I had more time to prepare-that isn't going to happen! Finals are set in place and will not move, so I should focus on what I can control about the situation (such as my mindset, behaviors, etc) instead of things which are out of my control. This way of thinking helps to decrease the ways in which my stress affects me. I feel as if these lessons on stress will be important throughout the rest of my life, especially the years spent here in college studying for high-stress situations.


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Stress is defiantly a factor in everybody's life that will always be there. I also took part in the REP stress study and it taught me a lot as well. There is no point in stressing about things which are out of our control. School is definitely a major stressor, but if you learn to deal and manage it, college can be very fun!

I also wrote my blog post on stress and I participated in the same study as well. It really is important for people to learn that sometimes you can't control a situation but you can control your attitude towards it. It is a good technique to use now and all throughout life.

Without a doubt stress will always be affecting ourselves and those around us. At certain times the stress will be greater than other times, but we all need to learn what we can and cannot control about our lives and manage our stress accordingly. Knowing how to deal with stress and how in affects us as college students now is a great piece of information to know to help us with the next years of our lives.

Stress is a completely universal issue for not only college students, but really everyone. No matter who you are you will have things in your life that cause you to worry. The people that learn to manage these stressors in their lives are much better off, so it is to your own advantage to learn strategies quickly.

I agree that one should focus primarily on what they have control over. Usually, I become much more stressed when I think of things outside my control, like the questions on an exam. When I think in terms of what I can achieve, things seem much more manageable.

First off I want to say thanks about talking about present control, because when I think about it most of the stuff that stresses me out, and most people around me, is the stuff we can't control. Yet at the same time stuff we can't control probably stresses us out most just because there is usually nothing we can do about it, which is frustrating.

Great post Kelsey! Sam was happy to hear that someone mentioned his study.

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