The Art of Not Being A Choke Artist

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The most important thing that I will remember in five years that I learned from Psychology is the Yerkes-Dodson Law. The Yerkes-Dodson Law demonstrates the relationship between arousal and performance. It shows that there is an upside down U shaped relationship between these factors. In other words, being too aroused or not aroused enough will lead to poor performance. The desire is to be somewhere in the middle. When people aren't aroused enough, they become lazy. When they are too aroused, they become nervous and their performance suffers. I plan to keep the Yerkes-Dodson Law in mind over the next five years. I will remember this or two reasons. First, the Yerkes-Dodson Law applies to everyday life. When I am at work and I am giving a huge presentation, I will keep the Yerkes-Dodson Law in mind. I will try to motivate myself but only to the point of optimal performance. The second reason is that it applies to sports. In sports, when a person gets nervous and fails, they are labeled as a choke artist. In high pressure situations, talented athletes often underperform. The Yerkes-Dodson Law won't make me feel bad for the kicker who blows a game off a missed easy kick, but at least I'll understand why he failed.


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The Yerkes-Dodson Law was such an eye opener for me too. This seriously explains my high schools hockey team. They are seriously so good in the season when they are cool and confident then the second the big games would come around they would be able to get out of school to practice and focus on the game. I think this would make them to aroused or maybe under aroused because they are just hanging around all day not focusing on much. Maybe if they step in to psychology for a day and listen to this concept we could go all the way!

I really enjoyed learning about this as well. I played a lot of sports throughout high school and especially with baseball (pitching) you need to learn to take a step back, take a deep breath and settle down because I've suffered from this with out a doubt! This tends to happen with public speaking and playing music in front of audiences for most people and i think that if we learned to control our level of arousal, more accurately that is, then we would fend far better when trying to accomplish our goals!

I really like this post, and the picture does it justice because I really don't like Tom Brady so it was pretty humorous for me! I agree with you that this law is important and I too will keep this in mind over the next few years.

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