The Psychology of Sex

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What I think most students our age will really remember and carry with us into the future is the psychology of sex and gender in society. What interests not only myself, but many other peers of mine the most is the differences and similarities between men and women. This particular part of psychology is not limited to just the physical aspects of sex and attraction between men and women, but also the natural tendencies and behaviors associated with each gender. I could not find a single person who has not always wondered why the opposite gender always acts a certain way in certain situations. Whether men ask "why are girls so emotional?" or if women states "all guys think about is sex". On the surface, the common answers to these various questions and statements which most people see as the truth do not do justice to the true answers that psychology has revealed. The psychology of sex helps explain why men and women act in certain ways, and also helps explain the mental processes and rationals that each gender experiences. These topics are some of the most interesting topics covered in psychology, and I believe that for this reason it will stick not only with me, but many others in the future.



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Clearly there are biological differences between men and women,and in many cases there are emotional and mental differences as well. But there are also many cases where gender is not black and white. How can we even begin to define the difference between men and women outside their anatomies? What do we say to people who don't fit neatly in the categories society has built for them?

There are plenty of stereotypes for both men and women, but how many of those are accurate and how they are related to each other can vary drastically. Gender differences is a very relevant topic in today's society, and especially in the workplace. Will we ever get to the point where we can define these differences so precisely that we can effectively eliminate job discrimination? Maybe in the future and with more research we'll see!

I have often thought about the differences between men in women and which myths are true. We learned in lecture that men are scientifically proven to be better at spatial capacity and in professions such as architecture. Today i was in the car with one of my female friends and she was saying how she is absolutely horrible with directions and she said "i just can't think about the 3D concept as easily!" which made me think of what we learned in psych. so in the words of ron burgundy "it's scientific fact".

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