What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

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We're all here in Psychology 1001 only touching the basics of many different fields of psychology. Some of us know what we want to do and where we want to be in five years, and some of us don't, and that may or may not include psychology. But even by taking this 1001 course, we've learned so many topics that there's got to be at least one thing that everyone remembers, from biological psychology to psychology disorders. For me, I know there will be one thing from psychology that I will bring with me for the rest of my life, and it was covered in every chapter. That concept is the six principles of scientific thinking.

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Every day we hear so many personal anecdotes, media headlines, advertisements and much more. But how do we know if what we hear is real or not? These six principles touch on that and they teach you to take everything with a grain of salt and be cautious of what you read at face value. I really enjoy following the news and what's happening around the world, and these principles have already helped me evaluate and form my opinions for everything I hear. I know I will take this with me the rest of my life and be a true critical thinker.


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I agree with your blog post. I too will remember the six principles of scientific thinking. It is very easy now to apply the six principles of scientific thinking to situations in everyday life, especially stories written by the media and all of the advertisements that we see daily.

I also agree with this blog post as one can connect the six principles of scientific thinking to many things in everyday life. I believe one of the best things that the 1001 psychology book does is in many of the chapters, when explaining a certain experiment it would tell us which of the principles it connected to.

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