What is True Beauty?

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People often say, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," which I also find quite true. Here in the United States, people might find men that are tall, dark, and handsome or women with blue eyes and blonde hair and a curvy figure attractive, but that may not be true somewhere else in the world. After doing more research on attractiveness, I have found out that what people generally think is attractive is very different around the world, and has changed through the years. As early as the 15th century, people that were fat and pale were believed to be beautiful because that meant they made enough money to eat and stayed out of the sun. Now, thin models and models with plenty of muscle are attractive and are all over advertisements. Around the world, levels of attractiveness vary even more. Women in Thailand wear brass rings around their necks to show elegance. Maori men and women in New Zealand get sacred tattoos on their faces. Who knows what will be the definition of beauty in the future!

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This is such a strange topic for almost every generation. The "most attractive" person can vary so much throughout the years. In my opinion, everyone has their own distinction of what they find to be beautiful. But it seems like there is a cultural norm that everyone seems to agree to even if their own views are not the same. As is with many things, people conform to the popular view while having their own ideas so as to not seem weird, or out of the usual.

Yes,I am very agree with you about "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", Different places at different times, people's ideas are changed. There may be some areas of the United States you can not accept, can not agree, but they do exist.We can do is respect them, appreciate them.

I agree that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. People are raised in many different ways and were brought up to believe many different things to be beautiful. Where one man can think a woman with long blonde hair is beautiful, another man could think a woman with short brunette hair is beautiful. It's very interesting to hear the different things that are found attractive in different cultures. However I'm sure our idea of beauty seems strange to members of a different culture as well. It's also interesting to hear how the definition of beauty has changed in the same cultures even throughout the years. It will be captivating to see how the definition of beauty will continue to change within cultures throughout the years.

This is an interesting point that you brought up. It is quite remarkable how much the definition of "beauty" has changed over time and how different it is across cultures. It is interesting how someone can find people with blonde hair more attractive while others prefer people with brown hair. Cultures around the world all have different aspects that they find attractive about people and that is what makes this topic so compelling.

This is really a controversial topic, everyone will have different sense about beautiful. Someone think slim will beautiful, someone think have a beautiful face is beautiful, still have someone think the kind and generous is beautiful. I think we shouldn't care too much about the appearance beauty, if someone like you ,he shouldn't just like your face, your appearance, the most important should be what the personality is like.

Is beauty conformity? If there were certain styles and appeals in different times and places, does that mean each region is conforming to the pressure to look pretty? I feel beauty is in the eye of the beholder is true, but is that view influenced by others? If we are told by someone else who is pretty and who isn't, do we start to believe in it? As mentioned in the book, when TVs first came into use in an isolated island in Japan, the rate of eating disorders sky rocked. Though this doesn't lead to causation that other people's views influence beauty but it makes a strong case that it is.

I found this blog very interesting. The definition of beauty has definitely changed over time. In a mythology class I learned that Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, used to be portrayed as bigger and fuller because this was seen as more beautiful than being skinny and slender. It does raise the question of what people will find beautiful years from now. It would be very interesting to know what causes the changes in the definition of beauty over time.

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